Not only is this time a poisonous tongue,There are emoticons,The girl in the plain uniform on the screen raised her head slightly,A very disdainful expression。

Du Yu is dumbfounded!
“艹!This is unbearable!Anchor, you smashed her immediately!”
“I go,This phone is perfect!Abbreviated as Jijing!”
“how to say,I think it’s okay,Although a bit poisonous,But the girl with the poisonous tongue is the cutest!”
“Love to death,Love to death,For someone like me who feels uncomfortable without being scolded a day,So fragrant!”
“Stone hammered!I feel Weihua’s malice against the rich!If this is rich and willful,Smash a cell phone every day,Have to change a year365Department!I seem to see a door to wealth,Go to the villa area to pick up the debris of the mobile phone!”
Who doesn’t have a temper?
Really,If not for China nowP45Too hard to buy,Du Yu thinks he can really smash the phone first.。
But since it’s still live,And the atmosphere in the live room is very active at this time,This made Du Yu decided to forgive this naive little girl temporarily。
“All right,I made peace with you,I shouldn’t stare at you,I apologize,Ok?”
“Ok,I will give you a very simple question,I will forgive you if you can answer!”
“your turn!”
The little girl in the phone screen seems to be thinking after a few minutes,Spoke up:“Please listen,A group of scientists playing with Tibetan cats,Now it’s Einstein’s turn to arrest someone,Then he first saw Newton,So stepped forward,To Newton,Newton,I caught you!”
“But Newton argued arguably,Do not,You didn’t catch newton!”
“Einstein asked angrily,Who you are not newton?”

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