Wang Mingliang Quick Check Sniper,Test,Everything is ready,First time to align the front two hundred meters of figures mobile target,Trigger。

Gun sound,Bullet is extremely accurate, hitting the head of the character model。
Four hundred meters to find the enemy。
Gun sound。
Four hundred meters outside a shabby factory,A new character model is once again headed。
Eight hundred meters,A miniature drone hovering in the air。
Wang Mingliang is in the first time,Quickly hide。
According to rules,Drone in addition to transmission,Monitor the enemy,Can also scan bullets,Even possible with small rockets。
Wang Mingliang finally did not shoot,But grab a sand test wind speed。
After three seconds,Re-aim,Trigger。
Accompanied by a gun……Wang Bright’s face has an unwiserable color。
Not hit drone。
This also means,His competition is here,Thorough……Even if there is still a thousands of meters behind and one thousandth5 meter shot project。
Stand up,Go away。
At the same time, look at Zhangbei, which is shot.。
He leads his best when he gouges.,But there is not much leading,Just five or six seconds。
Gun sound。
Zhangbei also slowly stood up。
The look is full of annoyance。
Also hit。
In the playground,Members of each big team are quietly watching the big screen,There are fewer faces on your face.。
War tiger team is okay,The face of the blast team member is not very good.。
Several guys are unperfected, and the direction of the summer is in the direction.。
Obvious,Zhangbei has played a lot of time today.。
The starter is summer。
Zhangbei has been broken by the summer,Even after a week of cultivation,Still affected。
Other team members have naturally thought of this.,Bring a complex look。

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