The old man behind Yun Qiyao nodded slightly,No more words。

When Jingpu bent over to work in the fields,Entrance to the backyard,Lingju’s sweet voice came。
Jingpu looked back,I saw that Lingju and the three were already standing at the entrance of the backyard looking at Jingpu.。
A month ago,Jingpu told Lingju,Don’t knock on the door when you come in the morning,Just come in,Otherwise, Jingpu will run to the front yard to open the door for the three,trouble。
After watching these three come,Jingpu turned around and continued to check the plant path in the yard:
“Wait for me。”
Liechun and Lingjing nodded,Feel the strong spiritual power in the backyard,A face of satisfaction。
Lingju is trotting in another direction,The little rabbit that Lingju rescued a month ago,Raised here in Jingpu,Companion with Ryoma,After Lingju comes every day,Will go to see。
Jingpu looked at the vegetables in the yard,Then I packed up and walked towards Lie Chun and Ling Jing,Looking at the two,Jingpu is a little helpless:
“Do you two have to learn that hand gesture today??”
Listening to Jingpu,Lie Chun and Ling Jing shook their heads a little embarrassedly.:
“senior,The Wanzong Ceremony is still more than a month away,We have been promoted too fast recently,Dao Xin is a little unstable,Next month,We have to retreat for a while,Steady Heart。”
This cultivator is promoted to this level,As mentioned before, there are two types,One is the retreat breakthrough,One is to realize the chance and get promoted directly。

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