(Killer code seventeen,Killer from the blood jacket building。

After the number of blood jackets, the number of the fourth generation Lingnan king reached an agreement,Place the code, seventeen lasted in Dawang City,Take the city owner of the assassination of Tiangzhan City,Second, pay attention to Li Zhongyang’s movement。
If Li Chongyang has, there is any irregular idea, you can assassinate。
In fact,Although Li Zhongyang distressed his granddaughter,But there is still a thought to give up her.,Swallow。
http://www.gupiao101.cn The killing of the code seventeenth is detected after Li Zhongyang’s mind.,Haven’t worked yet,I saw that Lin Yong was killing Li Zhongyang under the public.。
Someone else,Killer sevente natural music relaxed,Prepare to sneak into the ruins in the evening。
But I didn’t expect Lin, suddenly returning back to take the treasure.。
Killer seventes nature will not let him succeed。
not to mention,He is quite confident on his strength。
In his opinion,Lin looked a big god and needed to be so big.,Where is the strength?。
Sneak attack is easy to get。
But I didn’t expect it.,I was killed by Lin loudly.。
The only idea before dying is:Why is it so strong??)
【Due to difficulty five stars】
【award《Antibody》/There is no existence】
Lin Wongruo opened the booklet,Immediately。
This is the http://www.lyrczp.cn original《Antibody》You can make your temperament into the heavens and other things.。
Thus the point of being ignored。
The 158th chapter assassinated the city
This《Antibody》It can be said that God skills for assassins。
Lin lounge is near half an hour to learn,The brochure in your hand has no trace of fluorescent disappearance.。
Next, he carefully studied the fact that the killer seventeen。
One thing to say is,With the corpse level of the body, it is getting higher and higher.,The need for the records of the records, the matter is getting more and more unclear.,Need to find it from the clue。
Blood killing killer,Need him,Probably the murder of the city。
It seems that I have to go back to Tianghan City.。
After a punch, it has a pit on the ground.,Throw the body,Grass buried。
Preparing Yushu Back to Taw Center,Make a change,I dismatched this thought.。
Newly learned《Antibody》,Don’t you try an effect??
I chose to walk from the 10,000 mountains.。
For animals that have not yet been smart,He seems to have no general。
I saw a rabbit along the way.,He deliberately walked around him.,Also did not find。
Lin Xiang,Sorcting to the rabbit,See when it can find yourself。
The rabbit is fine to stop the moment behind it.,I feel cold after back.,I haven’t I feel that there is anything close to it.!

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