Choose your sleeping bag carefully

Choose your sleeping bag carefully

To prevent children from getting cold due to kicking off the quilt, too many parents have replaced their children’s sleeping bags.

Pediatric experts point out that when replacing sleeping bags, you must also pay attention to age and method.

  The pediatrician reminds that the sleeping bag must be loose, and the length and width of the sleeping bag must be sufficient to prevent the child’s limb development.

At the same time, it is best to choose a cotton sleeping bag, because it is more breathable.

Parents should pay attention to the sutures of sleeping bags. If there is a problem, they may entangle the children’s fingers and toes.

In addition, babies should pay more attention to safety when sleeping in sleeping bags. Never let your child’s head be covered in sleeping bags.

When the child enters the early childhood stage, he can cover the quilt, which is far better than the sleeping bag to meet the baby’s growth needs.

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