Yang Zhi suddenly jumped onto the stage,Then I turned my face to look under the stands,Finally, his eyes fell on Shen Ruoxue’s face。

Shen Ruoxue,you come up。
Yang Zhi spoke!
Shen Ruoxue’s eyes opened wide immediately,Looking at Yang Zhi incredulously,Subconsciously jumped a word out。
Koyuki,It’s your turn。
Qin Liang held back his laugh,A serious look reminded Shen Ruoxue。
What and what!What should i play!
Shen Ruoxue answered helplessly。
No ink,hurry up,This is the Dragon Soul Training Ground,It’s not that you want to go up,A place where you can’t go,I order you now:Go up,Fight with Yang Zhi,obey orders!fast。
Qin Liang pretended to be stern。
Everyone welcomes Comrade Shen Ruoxue!
Yang Zhi suddenly called out loudly on stage,So the male soldiers immediately gathered around,Applause also rang。
Finally had the opportunity to see the world’s most beautiful girl general Shen Ruoxue shot,So these male soldiers all cheered。
Shen Ruoxue is miserable,She is standing there,The face is still at a loss,Not up,It’s not a rhythm。
Shen Ruoxue,Are you waiting for me to pick you up and throw you up?
Qin Liang threatened Shen Ruoxue again。
Brother-in-law,you……Are you trying to kill me?
Shen Ruoxue gritted her teeth and whispered to Qin Liang。
Koyuki,Go up,Would rather be beaten down,Can’t be scared to get down!I can’t shame Shen’s sister,Go up and fight him,Awkward。

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