of course,Chen Lan doesn’t want to be sold online,Only in this way can Lin Dong’s fans,Are attracted to Qianyu music platform。

I took a few shots of the courtyard door,Wait a while,Nothing in the yard。
“This guy hasn’t got up yet,I’m not confessing that I will make an album today……”
Chen Lan muttered,Took out his phone and called Lin Dong。
One morning,Lin Dong is busy comprehending the recording andMVShoot。
At the same time I also felt the professional recording studio,The huge gap with the small studio,The whole song is no longer an electronic composite soundtrack,Instead, get the band to record the soundtrack。
After recording the accompaniment,Just started recording songs。
The song quality can be imagined,And the previous songs,Not the same。
And shooting,Also a professional shooting team,And according to the song,Designed the shooting script。
Quite fast,Also quite professional。
I feel this professionalism for the first time,Lin Dong was also very touched。
Finished the recording of comprehension,Chen Lan was also relieved,But Lin Dong still wants to take the opportunity,Record me and my country。
Yunchudi Audiovisual Production Company Hall,Chen Lan and Lin Dong walk side by side,Walk outside the gate。
“Sister Lan,Can you add a song?”
Lin Dong asked with a smile,Chen Lan surprised,“What song to add?”

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