On the endless golden desert,Towering a cone-shaped snow mountain,This in itself is a spectacular sight,Reminds Li Tianti of the Kilimanjaro Snow Mountain in Africa,Extremely beautiful,And the snow-capped mountains in the distance seem to be more than the peaks of Africa。

It’s hard to imagine the unique imagination and extraordinary creations of the metaworld’s magicians,Desert Snow Mountain,Very rough and concise,But the contrast is sharp,Better than Shura Secret Realm。
There is no way to ride the clouds and fog in the mysterious realm,And Dayan walks fast with a very pious http://www.szhorsen.cn attitude,I didn’t even want to use that very strange ship。
This old man looks trembling,Actually one step far away,Much faster than the one hundred meters,Constant speed all the way,Make Li Tianchou shocked,Go all-out to barely keep up,Although they travel far faster than ordinary people,But it took more than an hour to come to the bottom of the snow mountain。
Looking up at the snow mountain,White snow under the dazzling sun,In addition to being tall and straight, the mountain is dangerous,From the foot of the mountain to the ridge,The mountain is like a knife and an axe,Daunting,The peak is shining with golden light,That seems to be a building。
“This is the holy mountain,The top of the mountain is the temple,It’s the old man who moved from the Metaverse together with seven other companions,Has lasted two thousand years。”Dayan http://www.famous1.cn looked at the snow-capped mountain and muttered,“But until a thousand years ago,The old man walked into the temple for the first time。”
Li Tianzhen was shocked,Such a huge snow mountain was actually moved from Metaverse,How it broke the barriers of the world?Such monstrous power must be absorbed、Destroy the balanced energy cycle of the mortal world,But why is it not suppressed by the laws of the mortal realm?
“Taoists don’t know,This mountain has been refined by great mana,There were many complicated formations to assist when moving the mountain,The person who instructs this method is really a rare and powerful person.。”
“Such a powerful person must have a reputation?”
“Silent and Obscure。”Dayan shook his head,Does not seem to be detailed,At least I don’t want to say it right now。
“Holy Mountain is so important,Does Daoist have a certain mission?”Li Tianzhi changed his angle and tried again。
“Not bad,The old man is one of the guards。”
Li Tianzhen nodded and stopped talking,Many things Dayan don’t need to be explained,Entered the temple,I’m afraid many secrets will be revealed。
The two started to climb their heads,Dayan changed the old man’s way,Actually took out the rope like a professional climber,Can climb much better than climbers,Rope like spider silk,Body like a spider,One jump,Climbed tens of meters in an instant。
Li Tianchou was dumbfounded,Secretly this old man has supernatural powers,I want to climb like Fansheng,Isn’t it wordy?Since it is a guardian,It’s quite inconvenient to go up and down every time,Could it be troublesome for myself?But after he picked up the rope dropped by the old man and started climbing,Fang knows the weirdness of this holy mountain。
This mountain has a strong adsorption capacity like a magnet,On the mountain,Feel the pressure immediately,It’s like going to Nantian Gate in God’s Treasure earlier,No matter the soul、The flesh is not immune,Li Tianzhen, who has tasted bitterness, had to learn Dayan,Use the flying claws at the front of the rope to fix the position,Then climb honestly,Can’t use magical powers to speculate。
I just wrestled for a while,The old man’s figure has reached the cloud,Can only see a small dot,Li Tianchou should catch up,Non-stop,It also took more than two hours,Li Tianzhi and Dayan finally stood on the top of the mountain,The feet are as smooth as a mirror platform,The huge pressure disappeared without a trace,The platform is very wide,Extends to the temple in front,And as a whole,I can’t even find a gap,Not a natural shape,I just don’t know what material it is。
The temple is bigger and magnificent than imagined,Very similar to the shape of the mountain,Also http://www.lfxxsp.cn conical,On closer inspection, it is actually a nine-sided body,There is a tall arch on each side,Nine sturdy ridges like a giant dragon form the dome skeleton of the temple,At the very center of the top is a huge golden ball,Blooming with dazzling brilliance。

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