Both two have already known in advance,Lin Donghe blood is a gamble。

Every self-cultivation,Let them learn from the head learning,Then rather than spelling three times。
Last winner,It will become a common apprentice of two people.。
did not expect,It is cheaper. Summer。
Zhou Wei and the words really don’t have any ideas,That is impossible。
But even if they are confident,Can also see,Summer refiner talent,Indeed above。
“Two teachers have seen two teachers!”
Summer is not hesitant,Grateful。
Lin Donghe blood old mi also laughed,Internal joy。
Their strength、identity、status,It doesn’t know what summer,Just now,It is also from the heart。
“Old forest,If this is like this。”
Laugh,Blood strange,“Since I decided to teach summer,It is better to have a true and talking about Zhou Wei.,Solve these two children have mustard。”
Lin Dong sink,“Also。”
Zhou Wei and the words are really shameful,Qi Qi showcase。
“Since it is a family,Then I don’t say two words.,from now on,Summer is a master,Things is really a brother,Zhou Xi is old。”
……at the same time。
Dongpu City City。
A black man went to no one,The sacrifices have explored some。
Spin,Wrist shake,A black short sword in a snake shape appears in the palm。
He carefully explored,When you are in the eyes, you will flash a stunning.,Some love does not release the handle to play this short sword。
for a long time。
He forced a drop of blood to fall in the short sword,After preliminary refining。
call out!Black short sword is made of cold light。
“Today, there are thirtys people enter the Taoist Pavilion Self-funded learning refinery,I didn’t expect a young man who had a very larger.……”……evening。
Summer left the treasure hall。
Not he wants to leave。
Instead, Zhou Dynasty directly broke into the third refinerie.,Shout, let him please guest。
Not only that,She also pulled the speech to help。
“summer,You are a master,It’s so arrogant,How can I have to ask a guest?,Didn’t listen to the two master,Let us get more?。”
Zhou Wei, a daughter as a city owner,Very proud,Just like a proud little peacock。
But she is proud of it is not annoying.,If you are familiar with it, you will find it.,Her character is very jumping,And there is a kind of confusion。
Even if it is a more proud word,It is also helpless to him.。
Originally in the initial time,The romance seems to have such a silky little thought.。
But after two teachers announced that they were the same as the brothers and sisters.,Zhou Wei immediately exposed its own,From time to time, I will enter the second and third rooms.,Dragonfly is endless。
“Brother,Where do you want to eat??”
Zhou Wei exceeds two people,Reflexive,A look,“Not as good as we go to Qinglong Restaurant。”

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