Jiang Nannan next to hear the words,Nodded lightly“I thought so from the beginning!”

She never thought about accepting Xu Sanshi!
In the duel zone,Qianyu’s three people looked at the three students ahead!
The slightly handsome male student opposite looked at the Qianyu trio in front of him with disdain,“You have lost!Are you ready to surrender??”
The female student next to him smiled“Don’t say that,Anyhow they can still play for a while!Although it will fail sooner or later!”
Another male student echoed the Tao“Yes!Meet us,I can only say that they are too sad!”
Three of them,Are really great soul masters!!It is completely separated from those who were eliminated before!!
Qianyu glanced at the three of them,Secretly“Oh?These three are interesting,Ridicule!It seems that the strength should be the upper middle level among the disciples in the outer courtyard”
Chapter Three Hundred and One One pick three(Subscribe)
Qianyu said to the two people beside him“Ling Ling,This time you are responsible for restricting the opponent’s movement,And my main attack,As for Zihao,Keep protecting Lingling!”
Zi Hao nodded,Hesitate“but……Qianyu,You attack alone,Is it dangerous?”
The corner of Qianyu’s mouth is raised“Danger?If these guys can feel the danger,I’m the soul sect for nothing!”
After Lingling heard Qianyu’s words,Blinked curiously“Na na……Qianyu,Could it be that you care about me so much,Could it be that you like me?”
Qianyu gave her a look“Stop thinking,Wait till we win the championship!”

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