If God is trained in one day《Holy Book of Thousand Body》The third layer,Even if the moves are quite different,Comparable to the true god!

Li Ming’s second-class Golden Core True Immortal’s mana increased by a thousand times,Comparable to the first-class ancestors!
And this is far from the limit。
The Profound Golden Pill in Li Ming,Started to travel with the mysterious movement of the Three Realms。
I’m more than just practiced《Holy Book of Thousand Body》When the terrible swallowing power appears。
“The real fairy jumped to the ancestral level,Really waited a long time!”
Genre,Even if the state is reached,There is a way,I have to wait for a glimmer of divine body to appear,To break through。
of course,State is reached,There is a way,Just wait for a while。。
While refining airflow,But it is completely active,As long as the state http://www.dg523.cn is reached,There is a way,Break through,This is also the biggest advantage of air refining。
The fairy stage is the way of the void,The real fairy stage is the Avenue of Stars,The ancestral stage is the water and heaven。
The one in Li Ming’s body is comparable to a first-class ancestor,But what is implied is only‘Avenue of Stars’Jindan,Began to transform!
“Boom boom boom!”The force of swallowing makes the boundless and broad ocean of Yuanye,And the energy drawn directly from the chaos is swallowed crazy into the golden core。
Just swallow the power,If it acts on the gods,Will tear http://www.gzrichutea.cn its divine body。

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