“Haha。”Everyone laughed。

Fan Wenliang didn’t smile,But said slowly:“OK,I’m comfortable with your words。”
Jiang Fan said seriously:“Why is this sentence alone?This is reality,The reality right in front of you,It sounds like you don’t believe it。”
Fan Wenliang said:“What i said is the truth,I can only leave one to listen to comfortably。”
“Haha。”Everyone laughed。
Fan Wenliang makes sense,It is impossible for him to really let Jiang Fan rent all the land here for him to enjoy。
Wang Jiadong on crutches,Standing on the cement road,Looking around,Said:“Don’t say,really not bad,I decided to live,As long as you are not afraid of trouble。”
Fan Wenliang pointed to Wang Jiadong and told them both:“see that,hypocritical,So old and so hypocritical,Xiaojiang and Changyi have already prepared for you,Why would they think you are troublesome?”
Jiang Fan said with a smile:“I dare not take credit for this,This is mainly Chang Yi’s idea。”
Fan Wenliang said:“Some people think it’s good,There are a few that can mix to your old level?”
Wang Jiadong heard Fan Wenliang say this,Hurry up,Say:“Minister Fan,Don’t betray me,If you tell me‘You are old’,Did you see my leg?,Have to bend back——”
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi were amused by the humor between the two old friends and laughed again。

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