Chief tall smiled,Said:“Secretary Zhai??Our operation is unified under his deployment。”

Of course Peng Changyi will understand,He smiled and said:“Is not,I’m talking about Secretary Wu of our county。”
The short chief smiled,Said:“him,No need。”
From his tone,Peng Changyi seems to understand,He stopped talking,Just follow them out。
Old Gu is out,Said:“Magistrate,Use a car??”
The short chief said:“Mayor Peng, please take our car。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Ok。Old Gu,Then do it yourself。”
Peng Changyi followed them to a guest house built by Jin’an Smelter in the county seat,Peng Changyi has never been to this guest house,It’s a very unremarkable four-story old-fashioned building,Main building facing the street,Inside is a closed yard,The door is closed,Self-contained。Peng Changyi thought,It is ideal for them to build the command post here。
There are a few unlicensed cars in the yard,Mostly off-road vehicles,There are two Audis,Unidentified people dangling in the courtyard and at the door,From what they look at you can tell,These people should be along with the two directors。
Peng Changyi followed them up to the second floor,Came to a big suite,Three rooms in total,In the middle is the office area,Rest areas on both sides。There really is the atmosphere of a command post here,Three or four people inside,Keep making calls,I can see from their open skirts,Carry guys。
Chief Gao introduced Peng Changyi to everyone,Everyone shook hands with him。Peng Changyi can see from the garbage bag,They all eat box lunch。Peng Changyi said with a smile:“Comrade Chief,It’s too hard brothers,I will be the host tonight,Entertain everyone。I will arrange。”
At this moment,The tall chief came to Peng Changyi,Said:“County Magistrate Peng,Really don’t need,Don’t arrange,Don’t call either,such,I will keep your phone number for you,What do you think?”Although his tone is very polite,But I have reached out to Peng Changyi’s phone。
First52chapter Gangster command post
Peng Changyi immediately understood what he meant,Holding the phone exaggeratedly,Said:“Why?Do I still leak secrets?I knew it was like this,I am gone when you come,It seems I have to lose my freedom overnight,Humph。”
Director smiled,Said:“County Chief Peng’s response was too fast,Really smart。Suitable for us。”Talking,He retracted his hand。
Peng Changyi understands,They made him the county magistrate“Visit the command post”,Actually just want “House arrest”he,Follow the procedure,They had to note with the local government,After the note, I was afraid of local leaks,That’s why I brought him here。
Peng Changyi saw that he didn’t ask for a phone call again,Just said:“Ha ha,I understand your intentions,Give it to you,I don’t have to worry about it,If the suspect really runs away then,Don’t you say that the work is not in place or mistakes,Time to find the reason on my phone,I won’t be a scapegoat for you。I called you,Removed suspicion,Mistakes again then,It’s your responsibility。”Talking,Hand over the phone to him。

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