So Peng Huan changed the conversation,Said:“What are your plans?”

Xia Yuan tilted his head and glanced at Xia Xu,Shen Sheng said:“Let him come if he comes,As long as it doesn’t provoke me,Whatever he does。”
“but,New Century Group,Lin Zhiqiang and his daughter,Qin Shi who beat my son,I must get rid of them。”
Peng Huan gave a cold snort。
During Konoha City’s choppy days,The rapid development of Nan’an City,New Century Group is rising steadily,It’s not as good as it was at the beginning。
Business war,It’s not that Peng Huan has never played。
Even he can remember deeply,Those commercial blows,Were all carried by the New Century Group,And it’s getting better and better。
I really don’t know this is the result of sincere cooperation and hard work,Or there is really some mysterious force behind it。
and so,This idea of Xia Yuan is simply a fantasy。
Just by their little tricks,By force,Can’t beat Qin Shi,Business blow,He must be unable to beat Lin Zhiqiang and his daughter。
“Uncle Yuan,You really think,Do you have this ability?”
Xia Yuan faces the younger generation,Refuse to bow,Said:“Are you questioning my Xia family’s ability??”
Peng Huan’s tone is a little anxious,Xia Xu’s shit doesn’t make sense,Why is Patriarch Xia Yuan so ignorant?!
“Uncle Yuan!Wake up!The current development situation of the New Century Group is far beyond your imagination,The companies under my Peng family,Together, we can’t take the New Century Group anymore.!”

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