Although she has many bottom cards,But there is a Junlun, which has to be strong in the sacred force alone.,Never have death,Absolute。

“Summer,Can’t walk。”
Ambulance,“You will take it now,He must not let you go,In this deep mountain forest,He will never cover up。”
Drink,Glare,Eyes to jump your heart and cold light,“Jun Lin,The alliance of the Guardian Alliance,China’s first master,Do you dare to do it?,Summer father Ming people,Is it killed by you?。”
Jun Lin smile,Not directly answered,But,“I don’t kill people,But……He is dead,That kind of peerless genius,Never appear in this world。”
Toned,Looking at the back of the summer,“But I know,Who is the real murderer who killed the mind,Summer,Do you want to know??”
The summer is walking in the summer.,Slowly turn,Hope,Do not speak。
“If you want to know the answer,I can tell you,Even I can tell you,Who sold this year sold you?,Leading to the respected ring,Your master is really fierce behind your comrades.。”
Summer stares at him,The sound is like a sword,“What do you want?。”
“Very simple。”
Jun is standing the pointers,“I was hurt when I was hurt before.,Not suitable for shooting,You have killed her now.,I will tell you.。”
Summer is cold,Turn away。
Jun Lin’s face suddenly,Drink,“Summer,Don’t know how to,I am giving you a chance,Don’t repeat your father’s road……”
Not finished,Self-opinion,Face change,Hurry。
And the summer is still stopped in the summer.,Look down on。
“What to say,My father is really you dying.?”
Jun Linyi,But not。
Anti-view,It is flashing in the eyes.,“Summer,Heard it.,It is him,I will never lie to you.,I am now,You are shooting next to the array,Looking for a chance to kill him。”
Fall into the voice,Handheld swords come to kill。
The dazzling sword is simply torn,Transplanting the rays,Let the air have a distortion。
She is gambling。
Summary will stand on one side。
“Hum!Find dead!”
The black jacket on the Junli drums,Black and white clamp long hair flying。
Step forward,Bombard,The ground is spent on。
A punch。
His right box broke out a bright light,Then, a huge boxing is shot.,Throughout the foot and more than ten meters。
“Mountain river sword!”
Amboity,Sword,A tacked maturity image is a handle of the sword.。
Moment,The two fierce battle。
Horror rolling dust,Along with a sword,The terrible gas waves out of the explosive。
Summer station is on the scene,Different in the scorpion。
The powerfulness of the Jun Lin is unquestionable,At the beginning, Li Jia, Li Jia, has been teached.。

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