[Italian dessert?

Tiramisu]_Italian dessert?
Home cooking tiramisu
How to make tiramisu _ italian dessert?
Tiramisu’s practice

[Italian dessert?
Tiramisu]_Italian dessert?
Home cooking tiramisu
How to make tiramisu _ italian dessert?
Tiramisu’s practice

The old saying goes from misfortune to misfortune, because the latest medical research found that all diseases that occur on the body are “eaten.”

So for health, we must eat healthy.

And to eat healthy, we had better be able to cook by ourselves.

Now, please tell me how to make Italian desserts first.


Required materials below 12

2115 grams of gelatin powder plus 60 grams of cold water to make a paste;

1 Put Mascarpone cheese in a large dish, keep stirring and dissolve in heat-insulating water (low fire) until it is smooth and free of particles.

220 grams of instant coffee heated with water to make about 150ml of coffee. After warming, add 10m1 of coffee wine and stir to make a coffee liquor.

1Pick another large bowl and pour the milk and continue to heat over low heat. Add sugar to dissolve.

2 Stir and dissolve until smooth and free of particles.

1 Add the evenly mixed auspicious powder in turn and stir until melted, then pour 15ml of the prepared coffee liquor and mix well.

2 While warming, pour in the broken egg yolks, and move quickly. Pour while whipping, take it out of the water after pouring, and continue to beat evenly

After the temperature has dropped slightly, pour into the Mascarpen cheese paste and mix well; 10.

, Put the whipped cream into a large dish and beat it to 6-7 hairs (it will not flow).


Add the whipped cream to the cheese paste in 3-4 times, and turn it upside down and mix well to make it a smooth and creamy cheese paste (do not circle clockwise or forcefully)

Brush the remaining coffee liquor on both sides of the finger cookies until they are finished?
Cookies are then spread on the bottom 13 of the container.

Pour in the cream cheese paste and freeze in the refrigerator for about 3 hours14.

Blow the hot air around the mold with a blower, and it is easy to remove the film.

Use a sieve to sifter the cocoa powder evenly.

If you want to give it away, you can use the cake spray mold on the sprinkled cocoa cake17.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar 18 with a sieve.

Gently remove the spray pattern, and the beautiful tiramisu completes this Italian dessert introduced today?
Tiramisu, you should have learned it!

Once you understand the method, it is more important to practice it, so that you can make your cooking more exquisite, and you can achieve more delicious food. Act fast!

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