“Report boss!The target got in his own car,Our two cars have already followed。”

Suddenly a voice came from the phone,Scared everyone in the car,One jump!
“it is good,Follow up,Don’t act rashly!Which direction did they go?”
Yang Shiyun asked immediately……
About fifteen minutes later,Boss Lin’s car was parked in the parking lot at the entrance of a small hotel,not far away,The two following cars also separated to find a place to stop。
Boss Lin didn’t get off immediately,But did something to the girl in the car,If it wasn’t for the daytime, he would be afraid of being seen by people passing by outside the car,I guess he will do something in the car“cause”coming。
And while he was pestering that girl,Yang Shiyun’s car has also arrived……
Waited for a while,The girl seemed to answer a call in the car,Then I packed my clothes and got out of the car,Then walked straight to the front of the hotel,Then I stood still in front of the hotel,It looks like someone is waiting for,But Boss Lin didn’t get down in the car。
“It seems that the goods are about to appear。”
Yang Shiyun made a judgment。
“Grab?Still don’t catch?”
Plum asked。
“Wait a minute,It depends,rest assured,He can’t run!”
Yang Shiyun said with a faint smile。
“I know he can’t run,I’m worried that the girl under inspection will be ruined by him……”
Meizi said tangledly。
“You are no more……We are all here,Can you still let him succeed??What do you think?”

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