“it is good,immediately。”Shen Mange replied casually,As usual,No one noticed it。

Had breakfast,The two sisters will do their own things separately,but,Shen Mange drove to work by himself,Shen Luoluo,At the insistence of Shen Mange,I asked the driver Wu Bo to take her to the piano competition,As for the English debate in the afternoon,That was with my classmates,Not very convenient。
Shen Mange came to the company,Was received by everyone,Yes,The notice was sent yesterday,Shen Mange became the new general manager of Shen Group。
Although she’s a 19 year old girl,But he is also a well-known general manager。
Shen Mange did not show how immature,Instead, he looks mature,Gives a feeling,It’s this girl,Like a merchant who has been in the mall。
Shen Mange came directly to the office,The secretary has prepared the things needed for today’s meeting。
“General manager,There is still half an hour for the morning meeting,Morning meeting this morning,Not just managers of various departments,And a few people on the board,Will come over。”Secretary reminded。
do not know why,Just came from this new general manager,She felt a little oppressed,and,This sense of oppression,From Shen Mange,It makes her feel that she can’t help but want to surrender to her。
“Ok,Ok,You go down,I am familiar with the content of the morning meeting。”Shen Mange said coldly。
The secretary couldn’t help but fought a cold war,The general manager gets cold,So scary。
In a month,It’s enough for Shen Mange to be familiar with all the company’s business,of course,Her general manager,I’ve done it decently,but,There are still some old guys on the board,Some are against Shen Mange,but,Where the shares are,Even if they object,To no avail。
School finally starts,Shen Mange is also going to school,no way,Shen Mange found a secretary and an assistant,three people,If I help her deal with company affairs,Should be better。
“Ai Chen,I’m not at the company for the time being these days,The morning meeting will be hosted by you temporarily,Anything happened to the company,Always remember to tell me,If something is really urgent,You can go directly to Jiangda to find me,of course,I’ve been to nothing,I will come to work。”Shen Mange tidyed up the papers on the desk,While talking。
“Yes,General manager。”Ai Chen nodded,he knows,Shen Mange is a student,Of course it also focuses on academics,If not forced by the situation,How could she need to do so many things?
“All right,And Luo Xin and Celine will be with you,You won’t be too tired,As for the company’s new business,Don’t pick it up for now,Wait till I come back。”Shen Mange doesn’t believe in Ai Chen,But this is a big deal,She should make the decision herself。
“Ok,General manager。”Ai Chenye did not put forward any opinions,This is what an assistant should do,What did the boss order,Just do what he does。
“All right,I am leaving。”Shen Mange just packed things up,Left the company,but,What she didn’t notice was,She just came out of the company,Was stared at。

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