First2122chapter Reluctant

Xia Fei is smart,Not to mention that she went to the airport last night。In front of Gu Yue and Chen Jing,Xia Jian is not easy to say,So the two of them always communicate with their eyes。
Southerners pay attention to afternoon tea。Actually this afternoon tea is not just drinking tea alone,When drinking,Will eat a lot of things。And in the north,Drink tea,Eat less。
One afternoon,A few people chatted very happily,Everyone picks nice topics to talk about。Xia Jian is the only man among the three women,Naturally very diligent。Pour tea later,I advised everyone to eat snacks later,In short, he has hardly settled down。
About five o’clock,Gu Yue knew that Xia Jian was a little bit,She asked everyone to leave。Although Chen Jing is very unwilling,But when I heard Xia Jian was really leaving,She had to pouting her mouth to say hello to Xia Jian。
Looking at this active woman,Xia Jian pulled her aside and said:“Marry a man who treats you better!Always single is not good。Don’t look at Gu Yue,Her family’s situation is different from yours”
“Then i will marry you?”Chen Jing smiled at Xia Jian and said。
Xia Jian knew this woman was joking with him,So he sighed and said:“We can only be friends,It’s beautiful when it’s far away,Too close,Maybe even friends can’t do it”
Chen Jing reached out,Patted Xia Jian’s arm and said:“Got it,You should start a family too,The big one is not small among the women,Not a problem”
These words of Chen Jing refreshed Xia Jian,She was right!He really has been floating among women,So sometimes I lose myself。
The three of them walked out of the teahouse together,Chen Jing took a taxi and left alone。Gu Yue offered to send Xia Jian back,But Xia Jianyi’s line is a bit contrary,Let her go first。
Xia Fei and Xia Jian are the same route,So they are going to take the same car。Gu Yue was a little reluctant when he left,But how can I not leave??
Watching her car slowly disappear into the traffic。Xia Fei couldn’t help but sighed:“Live in this world,It’s so hard。Logically,Gu Yue should be the one who lives the most free and easy,But the actual situation is not like this”

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