The man at work is a big man in a waistcoat,That guy is doing his own thing intently,Didn’t care about the guests,Buy if you want,If you don’t want to buy。

“Iron,Let’s buy swords!”Xia Chenglong personally exchanged words。
A little embarrassing,But it’s not surprising,After all, this is a remote place in the North Sea,Not the center。
“Yang!”An’s also said。
What makes people more popular,After the woman made a sound, the iron man trembled visibly,But then I continued my work。
An’s eyes are filled with helplessness and pity,Walk slowly and stand behind the man,Then a shocking scene appeared,The woman is holding a hot shovel with her bare hands。
There was a sound of burnt flesh,Even Xia Chenglong thinks this behavior is too incredible,There is a reason for her to live in the world。,
After all, I feel softened,The ironman turned around and quickly removed the shovel,Looking distressedly at the woman who abused herself。
“I have nothing to do with you,If you brighten yourself like this,I won’t care next time。”
“But you have taken care of it,Isn’t it?”
If you let people who don’t know the truth see,Will definitely cast envy,This kind of affection from men rarely shows in the current world。
The iron man looks up:“Two can rest in the store。”After finishing talking, he took An’s to the back house。

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