Jiang Fan said:“Don’t you know him yet,Not a word of him。”

Yes,This is Fan Wenliang,Forever calm。
Peng Changyi asked about Ding Yi again,Jiang Fan smiled,He stood up,Walked two steps in the house,Shook his arm and said:“I am patient enough to wait for her to come back,Changyi,I’m very strange,I’m not in a hurry anymore。”
Jiang Fan is right,He is indeed waiting for Ding Yi with an optimistic attitude。
Peng Changyi shook his head when he heard this,Laughed silently。
The 28th evening of the twelfth lunar month,capital Airport。A Boeing flying from Singapore to Beijing747Land slowly。Ding Yi took his father down the flying ladder……
The next morning,Ding Yi took the shuttle bus to Kangzhou,She came to see Wenwen specially。Because tomorrow Wenwen, mother and son and mother-in-law will go to Beijing to celebrate the New Year together。If you don’t come today,Tomorrow is thirty,I’m afraid she won’t see anyone she wants。and so,She hurriedly boarded the long-distance bus in Langzhuzhikangzhou。
After calling Wenwen,,Wenwen is waiting for Ding Yi at home。seriously,Because of the high-speed rail-yan as a matchmaker,Minister Ding Yilai is a bit awkward at home。
When Ding Yi knocked on the door of Minister’s house,Wenwen ran out,Open the door for Ding Yi。
The two girls froze for a while,Didn’t say anything,Standing in the yard and hugging each other……
Wenwen is on Ding Yi’s shoulder,Some sighing:“Xiaoding,Really miss you,No one said anything if I had something in my heart。”
Ding Yi’s eyes are also moist,Said:“Wenwen,you are awesome,It’s amazing!”

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