“It’s not just fish,Xiaochun is just giving an example,We think about it,Always think of a way。”Xu Qiao spoke up,“This is also the benefit of inviting Mr. Ke to eat,Otherwise, the first time you officially entertain guests, you will make a fool of yourself,So sorry?”

Shen Huan listened,Also nodded slightly。
It’s true。
I only considered the taste and ingredients before,Did not take into account the unique feature。
If it’s just delicious,Then word of mouth is definitely not the best。
Only here can I taste something that is not available anywhere else,That’s the best reputation。
It seems that there are still many people,Think together,Only then can the problem be discovered。
But about the wild fish they just mentioned,Shen Huan had a good idea in his heart。
His vegetables and meat,Are all soaked in water containing dilute polyling liquid。
And the stock for cooking,He also added water to dilute the Spirit Gathering Liquid,Otherwise, it’s just cooking,I can’t be so good。
In that case,If I bought a better fish,,Put it in a water tank with water,Will it improve them??
the answer should be confirmed!
Gathering liquid can treat people、dog、Cat、seed,All work,No reason to have no effect on fish。
I will buy a big fish tank tomorrow,Buy some fish back,Try the effect!
Shen Huan just do it。
Early next morning,He went to the fish market,I bought some expensive fresh grass carp、Pincers,I bought another five or six meters long、Two-meter wide fish tank,Let the merchant get it back and install it。
On the way,Shen Huan heard it all《Super star》Song sound。
The streets these days,The most played song,Just“Meteor girl”of《Super star》。

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