When I heard Brother Hu,The man became excited instantly。

“Yingying,I’m really sorry about the last time,I use milk tea instead of wine,Apologize to you。”
Dong Lan is afraid that Lu Yingying will bear grudges,Let Lin Yu get revenge on himself。
and so,At this moment, Lu Yingying can only apologize in a low voice。
“Forget the past,Finally have a time to party,Don’t talk about this one。”
“exactly,Don’t talk about this one。”
Su Xuecheng heard,Smiled。
“That beauty,Say me!I’m not handsome?”
The words fall in Su Xuecheng,Tiger brother holding milk tea,Bring her little brother to Su Xuecheng’s side。
“Step aside!”
Seeing this tiger brother is so close to himself,Su Xuecheng was in a hurry。
“So what if you don’t let go?”
Finished saying this,Turning to look at Lu Yingying:“Chick,What is your name?”
“What can I call it?
Is it related to you?”
Lu Yingying is the most annoying type of person,Hair dyed colorful,Not doing business all day。
“Whoops,Chick,So spicy?
But the hotter the better,My favorite is little chili,Feel conquered。”
Brother Hu who heard this,Full face molested。
“Tiger Brother Mighty。”

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