Zhu Tingting:“Blue,Then you slowly on your way.,Don’t be too anxious,I am in the private room,609。”

“it is good!”Blue Xin hangs after the phone,Packing up something on the table,Tel the car key and home key,Put your phone in the bag,A pair of flat shoes,Leaving。
At the door,I met Qiaoyi。
“Where are you going??”Qiao Yiyi。
Blue Xin didn’t speak,Go to the elevator quickly。
“Hey!Do you want me to accompany you??”Joe Yiyi shouted in the back of Blue Xin。
Blue Xin:“Need not。”
Elevator is coming,She quickly enters the elevator,After I went to the twenty-fourth floor, I took some things.,Go directly to the onest floor to drive。
Thirty minutes later,Lan Xin arrived in Jiangyan Hotel,Go directly to the private room to find Zhu Tingting。
There is only Zhu Tingting in the room.,She sits on the sofa,Face is very bad,The black dress she designed is still in her body.。
Black pendulum dress displays her beautiful shoulders and clavles,The high-open skirt makes her snow-wide legs have a heartbeat.,Let people look at it。
Zhu Tingting is very good,Some indifferent feelings when quiet,Black is very suitable for her,Also highlights her elegant and arrogant temperament。
She came back,After designing several styles,She did not hesitate to choose this gift.。
And she also thinks this very suitable for me.,Her butterfly is particularly beautiful,Neck with diamond http://www.artlinks.cn necklace,Diamond earrings,sparkling,Linking her whole person brilliant,Beautiful dazzling。
“Blue,You came。”Zhu Tingting is afraid of hitting shirt ugly,I haven’t been here.。
Blue Xin looked at her nodded。
“Tingting,sorry,I didn’t think there would be such a thing.。”
However, she has not seen Xiao Luo.,I don’t know if the clothes styles on Xiao Luo are exactly the same as Zhu Tingting.。
“Ugh!I have never thought of it.,But the fact proves,This thing really happened.,The dress on Xiao Luo is the same as me.。”Zhu Tingting is unhappy,She believes in blue,But what I feel again in my heart。
Blue Xin saw her mind,Zhu Tingting has always contact with her.,When the two have not yet reached the point。
After all, in the eyes of rich people,Will stay in your friendly friends,Will not be fully delivered。
“Tingting,Feel http://www.ncjac.cn sorry,Can you wait for me here??”
Zhu Tingtou nodded,“OK,The banquet begins at six o’clock,Have time,I want to take a break here for a while.。”
Blue Xin smiles,Turn around。
Banquet is generally in the top floor,The environment of the top floor is very good,The degree of luxury and luxury is enough to give a banquet。
When it’s blue?,I called the manager of Jiangyu Hotel.,Asked who is the banquet tonight。
Blue Xin is a little accident,It is a banquet that Li’s banquet is a banquet.。
No wonder Zhu Tingting will be angry,This banquet,Inefficient,There are also a lot of associations with your own business.,For the family’s reputation,Some things are naturally able to avoid free。
Hit the shirt this kind of thing,What is nothing in the street?,You wear you,I am worried about me.,Does nothing affect,http://www.guang618.cnBut here,It’s enough to set off an uproar,The people in the gigaby aristocrats are waiting for the play.?
There are already many people in the venue.,Soothing melodious music is very comfortable,Bustling,Brightness,Intend。
Delicacy,Clothing,Famous expensive gather。
Blue Xin is not too much to think,Watching the people who talk about laughter。
Over the hall,Landscape,Evening wind is light,Her eyes saw andkayStanding with Xiao Luo。
NS1707chapter:Really exactly the same
Blue Xin looks closely,The dress and Zhu Tingting on Xiao Luo are really the same.。

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