Blue Xin’s side glanced at Lu Haozheng,But I found that his lips were deeply smiling.,That dark eyes,There have also been gentle gentleness。

“Ha ha”Blue Xin can’t help but laugh。
Lu Haocheng suddenly watched her,“Blue,why are you laughing?”Light voice is very good!
“I feel that you are like a person like a person.?”Blue Xin is blunt。
“but,Didn’t you sleep well last night??”Looking at his nest, there is a touch of green and black,The face is also slightly pale than usual.,But his photo is still so obvious.。
His topion is under the sunset,Refraction of gentle light,Unparalleled!
Lu Hao nodded,Look into the heart:“I dreamed of her last night.!”
really,Last night, he dreamed of the scene that lost the blue blue.。
As long as you do this dream,He can’t sleep again at night.,Wake you all the time。
Whenever this night,He will flood all kinds of sadness and repentance.。
If he didn’t ran out that night,I didn’t chase him out of blue,So all this will happen.。
“I often dream of her?”Blue Xin suppressed a curious desire。
Lu Haocheng went to the sun at this time,Micro-integrity,Like it is memories,Also thinking,It is even more。
Blue Xin looked up quietly like this.,This time Lu Haozheng,Looking very distressed!
Lu Haocheng went for a while,Received,Shallow falling on his curious small face。
Nodded slightly:“Sometimes one or two times,Sometimes three times a month,I have to see that I miss her.!”
“Forehead”Blue Xin, he heard a sinfulness.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Then what am I doing with you??Don’t betray your original intention and love??”
Blue Xin only feels hot in the brain,Under his poor and look forward to,She actually agreed by her nodes.。
Lu Haozheng shook his head:“Blue,Will not,Believe in me!”His eyes are firmly watching her,It is very peaceful。
Blue Xinyi:“Lu Hao Cheng,Call blue blue two words,You are called so deep,Explain that your heart loves her”
Lu Haocheng is very shocked to her carefully.!
She looks at,Often you can see people’s hearts,Can feel the joys and sorrows of others!
No wonder she is so recruited from a child.!
She has such a charm,Can let him engrave in his life,Unable to abrasive。
He has come these years,In addition to missing is looking for!
Lu Hao Cheng suddenly stopped,Quietly look at him quietly,That face is tender,I don’t want to remove it at a glance.,That is gentle,Just want time still!
“Blue,you,It is my only collection in my life.,The only true girl!”
Blue Xin’s heart suddenly hit a shock!
Such a drunk confession,Just like a fairy tale!
Time seems to be stationary,At this moment, they only have each other.!
Let people form their own world,Everything around us is in shape!
Sudden,There is a child holds a balloon in hand,Suddenly hit blue Xin。
Blue Xin suddenly returned to God,She is somewhat embarrassing blinking,Laugh and laugh:“Lu Hao Cheng,Why are you looking at me??Are you taking me as a test??”
Lu Hao Cheng also returned,“Blue,No。”Light sound is still very good。

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