How to educate slightly retarded children

How to educate slightly retarded children

First take the child to the health department for an intelligence test, and first determine if he is really mentally retarded.

Especially mildly mentally retarded, the diagnosis is more difficult.

  If it is really mentally retarded (IQ below 70), the second step is to take him to the hospital for pediatric examination to see if there is any problem with the nervous system; whether there are any problems with vision and hearing.

When you were a child, you had some major illnesses to agree on what are the sequelae. You must also tell the doctor truthfully. The doctor can judge whether the child has a physical illness from these.

If there are some problems, such as strabismus, seizures, etc., which have an impact on intelligence, you should first treat or wear appropriate glasses, hearing aids, and some also have surgery (congenital heart disease, etc.).

The third step is education and training.

  From the introduction, your child may have a problem.

It is recommended to go to the health department to take an intelligence test first. If the IQ is above 75, you can go to an ordinary kindergarten to try. If it is below 75, it depends on whether the kindergarten you want to send your child to give him “partial meal” and teach him moreBecome a “Students”.

However, if not, it is best to go to a mentally handicapped child training center or training kindergarten for early education, the sooner the better.

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