Fluttershy immediately said slyly,Then began to hammer Qin Liang’s chest with a small fist……

“Can I take the liberty to ask:What is the standard of being your boyfriend?”
Qin Liang made a deep question……
“Very simple,nice to me,Love me wholeheartedly,It’s enough to do these two things!”
Xiaodie answered immediately。
“Gone?It’s that simple?”
Qin Liang looked at Xiaodie incredulously and asked。
“Yes indeed,It’s that simple!Surprised??”
Xiaodie looked at Qin Liang curiously and asked。
“No house,Car,Ticket??”
Qin Liang asks again,This is in today’s material society,The universal standard for girls to choose boyfriends。
“house,Car,I have the tickets myself,So he doesn’t need to have。”
Fluttershy answered faintly。
“Shouldn’t you be tall and handsome?And you are so perfect,The standard for boyfriends should be higher than those of ordinary girls.?There is a requirement to reduce the height?”
Qin Liang still couldn’t believe his ears!
“There is no need to be too handsome,Height……it is ready。Hey Hey……”

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