Russell·Westbrook’s body——gold

Jason·Williams pass——silver(Advanced)
Xu Xuan saw two new lines of golden fonts at first glance!
The two words “Dou Da” are like brushed on it,Golden clear,Ambilight。
Seeing Xu Xuan’s whole person is like sublimation,Feeling ecstatic。
at last.
at last!
Following Allen·After Iverson’s talent has advanced to gold,Finally, there is another talent to advance successfully!
And still two at a time!
The key is that the three-point talent of Ku Hao he dreamed of is also in it.!
“Now there are three golden talents!”
Xu Xuan thought about it beautifully,The only one who has not advanced successfully is Bai Qiao’s passing talent,Xu Xuan estimates this may have to wait a while,It should not be that easy。
According to Xu Xuan’s guess,The key to Bai Qiao’s talent advancement lies in him,The other one has to look at his teammates.Otherwise the ball is passed,How can you make so many mistakes??
Finished watching talent,Xu Xuan put his eyes on the score column。

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