Look at,Look at,Struster’s voice,This is not an old driver,She doesn’t believe she。

“I am http://www.skinfactory.cn hungry。
”Blue Qiqi transfer topic,I have a very supported last night.,I am hungry now.。
Han Yuxuan looked at her transfer topic,Eyes dark,However, her spoiled voice instantly cured him some sinking heart.,“I have already made breakfast.,Go down to have breakfast first,I also wash your cherry yesterday.,I will go out with you for a while.。”
“Wow!You actually get up so early. 。”
Blue Qiqi looked at him laughing,In fact, she found that Han Yuxuan didn’t laugh in front of the outside.,It’s all cold and cold,Only when you face her,The shallow gentleness will be faint to appear on the face.。
This is the so-called romantic to her.。
“Not too early。”
Han Yuxuan said,People go forward。
Blue Qiqi slowly got up behind him,Looking at the straight back,She can’t help but have some jealous,How to make a look like this??
Han Yuxuan did three dishes and one soup,Yesterday, the ingredients bought by Lan Qiqi have a lot.,He made a steamed fish,Vegetable soup,White shob and braised meat。
Blue Qiqi,Han Yuxuan is very careful,Know that her stomach is uncomfortable,The dish is also very light,Even the red meat is very appetite.。
Han Yuxuan likes braised meat very much,He will do itself,Lan Qiqi bought a lot of pork belgins, there are still many,He did braised meat。
When he is alone,Basically will not cook,Be too trouble,A human taste。
But with the girl he likes,He likes to give him a girl who likes to eat. 。
Han Yuxuan gave her a bowl of vegetable soup to her:“Kiki,Get some soup warmth。”
“Thank you!”
Blue 梓qi sweet smile,Even her own discovery,She smiled very sweet at Han Yuxuan.。
Han Yuxuan looks in the eyes,Sweet in your heart。
Han Yuxuan knows her preferences and temper character,Her born she was born,There is no big lady,A little proud,But what else should you see?。
In front of family and friends,Her character is very followed,Like her mother,No matter where,Can give people a very comfortable feeling。
Blue Qiqi first ate a piece http://www.zzmaifang.cn of braised meat,Soft,Not greasy at all,And it is very good to sell。
“Han Yuxuan,I think your craft can open a restaurant.。”
Lan Qiqi is eating,After eating and clustered a piece。
Han Yuxuan looked at her did not speak,Braised is very soft,It’s not too greasy as you eat.。
“Han Yuxuan,You said that you also invest in the project of peach blossoms.,Then you have to go back for a few days.。
I have the original plan for five days here.。”
Blue Qiqi wants to know when he goes back,Anyway, she is nothing these days.。
Han Yuxuan looked at her,Give her a steamed fish:“I will go back with you.。”
In order to come to her,He is busy all day yesterday.,After all the work is arranged,It has been 20 o’clock in it.。

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