“Do you want to keep hiding??Come out!”

With Lu Li’s voice falling,In black,Ripples like a wave,A black figure walked out from that corner,He emits a black mist,Full of hostility。
“Hehe,young people,Let’s meet again!”The man Jie Jie smiled。
“It was him?!”Lu Li found out that the man in front of him was the sect master who had been stopped by him after chasing Wu Di.,At that time, his strength was about the same as that of Li Sect Master,But now my whole body exudes a cold breath,The body is more mysterious。
“After thinking about it,,I will kill you again,I didn’t expect to find you here tonight,Hahaha,Let’s calculate the last time。”The master said。
“He didn’t ambush here to target me?Then why is he hiding in this place?”Lu Li thought to himself,He originally thought that this person appeared after him all the time,But listening to his words, it seems that he just happened to meet Lu Li here.。
“What are you doing here?”Lu Li asked immediately。
“No comment!”The host shouted,The figure shot out instantly,That’s extremely fast。Lu Li was shocked,He hurriedly burst into flames from around,Blocking the doorkeeper like a wall of fire。
But the master’s speed did not slow down,The whole person rushed directly into the wall of fire,Unscathed,Lu Li was shocked,The gatekeeper came across with a sword,Although the speed is fast,But the sword road is too straight,Lu Li quickly volleyed around,Dodge a blow。
But the master seized this opportunity,A palm quickly hit Lu Li’s left shoulder,Knock Lu Li out。
This moment of confrontation,Lu Li realized that the sect master no matter his speed or strength,All have a full improvement。It’s just a few days,The opponent’s strength has improved so quickly。
Lu Li stood up,The bone of his left shoulder was misplaced by this blow。He twisted his right hand to straighten his bones,But the left hand is already difficult to exert。
“how about it,Right now my speed is not bad!”The host sneered,The speed he faced Lu Li last time was helpless,But this time it’s better,He was extremely ecstatic。
“Did grow!”Lu Li’s breath also began to change,The hot breath disappeared,Same as ordinary people。
“Humph,I have no time to play with you,This trick will kill you!”The doorkeeper charged out again,Several figures,Suddenly flashes around Lu Li,It’s hard to capture where the real body is。
The owner immediately aimed at the timing,A sword pierced from behind Lu Li,Stabbed directly through Lu Li’s body。

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