That is the Xiang family of the four major families in Ganghwa City,If you don’t let go,You are waiting for it。”

Song Yan at the moment,I don’t know I’m dying。
Seeing these people forcibly arresting themselves,And put it in a pig cage,Keep struggling and shouting。
“Yes,Xiang Yanghong’s life was saved by me,Let go of my son。”
Song Lin in another pig cage,Although not yelling at this moment,But also angry,Look at the person who put himself in the pig cage,Fox fake tiger threats to scare people。
Chapter 131 Fatty Liu
only,What these two didn’t find was。
Xiangyanghong is kneeling,Heard what these two people said,I was so frightened。
Now these two people say so again,Anxious,A squirt of blood from the mouth。
“Do not,not like this,Lin Shao,He slandered me。”
Xiangyanghong after the blood spray,Don’t care,Explain to Lin Yu the first time。
And Song Lin who was still in the pig cage,Hear this,I turned my head to look at the sound coming from。
who knows,It’s okay。
one look,The whole person is dumbfounded。
I just brag,Said his backstage is Xiang Yanghong。
But now?
My own backstage,Kneeling directly on the ground,Keep begging for mercy。
I’m afraid,Are you afraid to speak??

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