Football,G,What people really care about is reasoning,Why join the football club?

When Shinichi Kudo rejected the football club,The rhetoric will certainly not be so sharp and superior,But his impression,But an arrogant attitude,It is in sharp contrast with Lynn at this time。
There is no way,After all, Shin Kudo is a high school student,Young man named,Naturally, he is not as sophisticated as Lynn in dealing with the sophistication of human relationships。
But that’s it,Only when this classmate Xinchuan faced Lin En,It uses two different attitudes to Kudo Shinichi。
This,It also made Kudo Shinichi on the side vomit blood!
It’s also good at football,Why are your attitudes toward classmate Lin so much better than that of me?
Just because he is stronger than me?
But the depression in my heart,I can’t vent it。
This game is the victory that Lynn led,Just talk about him,It’s hard to make Kudo Shinichi feel bad。
and so……This is very uncomfortable, isn’t it?
I’m obviously depressed in my heart,But I can’t even find anyone to vent。
Always felt,Starting from school today,Everything goes wrong。
Is there really good luck in this world?,It just so happens that today is the lowest point of my luck?
“Lynn!You are amazing!”
Kudo Shinichi alone is depressed, not to mention it。
After Lin En settled Xinchuan’s party,,Haven’t waited two steps,The garden rushed into the playground cheering。
Actually, it’s not just the garden,As a turnaround,The hero who led the class to win the game,Lynn’s performance on the court provokes many girls to bump into the deer,Even most of the girls who originally supported Shinichi Kudo also rebelled on the spot,Began to support Lynn, the new male god。

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