Because his car is behind,The speed is not fast,So nothing happened。

“Secretary Jiao!”
Lian Shujie saw Jiao Yuan stunned in place,Immediately grabbed him。
Jiao Yuan gasped,Looking at Lian Shujie with dull eyes。
“Secretary Jiao,Is Mr. Guo’s car ahead of you??”Lian Shujie glanced at the scene of the car accident in front,Eagerly asked。
“Correct,Mr. Guo is in front of me!”Jiao Yuan was shocked when he heard this,I’m back。
“broken,His car must have hit it!”Lian Shujie frowned。
“fast!fast!Save Mr. Guo!”
Jiao Yuan shouted,Rush in,Lian Shujie stopped him,Eagerly:“secretary,What do you do if you go in,I have already sent someone to notify the fire brigade,They will come soon。”
“Call air support,Mr. Guo must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible!”What did Jiao Yuan think of suddenly?,Grabbed Lian Shujie’s hand。
“secretary,Don’t worry too much,Mr. Guo’s car is made of thermoformed steel sheets and flame-retardant fiber materials,Explosion-proof and shockproof,Surely nothing will happen。”Lian Shujie knows something about Guo Yuansheng’s car,I don’t worry much about him。
Jiao Yuan was relieved when he heard this,Glanced at the tragic situation ahead,Sternly:“Remind me of the fire brigade again,Why haven’t you come?!”
Not long after he finished speaking,There was a fire sirens from a distance,The roar of helicopters came from the sky。
Jiao Yuan took a breath,Thinking of Mo Xiaosheng’s words that night,I can’t help but feel a chill inside,Muttered:“Could it be that Xiaomo was right?”
Lian Shujie turned his head and glanced at him,Said:“impossible,He was talking about Mr. Guo’s accident,Now it seems,Mr. Guo should be fine,It might be a coincidence,It rained so hard today,A car accident is inevitable,I haven’t seen it in previous years。”
“Ok,Makes sense。”Jiao Yuan nodded,This kind of big car accident,Heyang City has happened once or twice in recent years,Are caused by bad weather。

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