But even if I agree,Also not very good to me。

I heard my wife say a while ago,After the last boss’s lease expired,So I didn’t continue to rent。
No one has rented it now,and so,I don’t want to,Since it’s father-in-law,No matter how bad he is,Also my father-in-law。
and so,I plan to introduce his venue to you,You do not mind right?”
Aaron is afraid that Lin Yu minds,Tell me about the relationship between myself and my father-in-law。
One is for Lin Yu to have a psychological preparation,Two,Want to see,Can it depend on relatives?,Let father-in-law give Lin Yu less rent。
“All brothers,What are you talking about?”
Lin Yu finished,Take a sip of wine:“it is noon now,You are free too,or,Let’s go and see the venue now。
If appropriate,I’ll rent it。”
“mom,Brother Obaju is coming tomorrow,You clean up the room,Then I will let Master Obaju live in our house directly。”
Xu Yipan looked at his mother excitedly and said。
Mother Xu who heard this,Nod,Replied:“Ok,I will clean up。
But last time we were despised by the Lu family,We must report。

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