“act recklessly。”

“beat him!”
Laughter,All the power is strong。
“court death!”
Summer face change,Lower consciousness。
next moment。
I immediately frowned in summer.,Doubtful,Go back。
I saw the woman who hid behind him.,But I reached out to catch his arm。
The other party is very weak,But between the palms is the power of Novo。
not only that。
In her other hand,I actually engaged a short blade of a cold light,The blood trough on the short-blade blood is more divided.。
Summer pupil suddenly shrinks,Undercale struggle。
“The so-called killing is alive。”
The glamorous woman’s face has a poisonous snake,Do not hesitate to pierce the left ribs of the summer。
Blood splash。
Summer roar,Suddenly playing arms,Steady,The wrist is like a half-air flowers such as butterflies http://www.taoboli.com.cn are generally flipped.,A knife to the other side’s throat。
Knife,I actually passed a harsh。
喀 声。
The woman’s head is like a completely falling off.,Freshly pull it on the shoulder。
only,Her beautiful cheeks are full of mistakes,Diffusion pupils with panic。
Then slow down on the ground。
In her belly,A bright red quickly spread the clothes。But because her face is facing down,Another afternoon,Nothing at all。
NS172chapter Snake
That one knife,There is no stabbed summer at all。
Just in the moment,Her wrist has been detained,Then be a strong discontinuation,Life stab into your belly。
Sprayed blood,Splashing to the left ribs of summer。
All this happens very fast,There is no slit in the middle。
Five people rushing to the summer,Also unconscious。
They only see blood light,And the scream of summer,I think he is hurt.。
Happen,Everyone in the rushing strikes suddenly spokes out of the murderous murderous。
At present, it has arrived in the past。
at the same time。

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