Previous experience, no strength,Nanhua、Provincial City Two projects,The rent is compressed as a cabbage price.,There are only 18 pieces per square meter each month.。

Now Hongxing Square has developed in the province.,Two projects in Nanhua and Provincial City are also successful,The bottom gas is better than the previous foot.,The price increase is inevitable。
But commercial real estate,Operating in the initial period,Rent is generally low,The king has no lion,As long as twenty-five,Calculate the conscience price。
“Carrefour has a lot of new stores every year.,There should always be a lot of cities that are always running in China.,Should be listening,I have already given it reasonable.。
If you can accept,Then let’s continue to talk about,If you can’t,Then I can only regret it.。”Wang Flow looks at him,Not humble。
Shi Rongle nodded,The rent price of each city, he nature knows,Twenty-five blocks,It has also risen much compared with the previous 18th.,But compared to the normal price of other cities,Also reasonable,Don’t accept it。
“Twenty-five twenty-five,I accept,But I still have a condition,Rent, I still pay,After the remaining end, I will pay it later.。”
The project has not started,The king did not expect to pay the rent of the rent.,Wonderful:
“no problem,Listen to the total,Tribute to deposit,Also followed the previous twice,Trip20How about it?”
“Can。”Shi Rong Le Xin Ran。
Rents,The rest is good.。
The two people talk about other details,Successfully achieved,Signed the contract on the spot。
NS294chapter What
Fang Baishun is lying on the lounge chair,Gyzykly。
Since the beginning of the family,He is very strong in his own health problems.,Money,He also has a good body to enjoy。
Usually there is always a motion,Swim、Golf,I still have to climb the mountain from time to time.、Run away,Body exercise is good,Have always been very healthy,But there is a high blood pressure。
It is still good,But once you meet something badly,Blood pressure will rise。
Especially this steady chicken does not erode meter,I thought I thought I can kill the king.,He also wins the coupon in the back of the boom to help the power.,I didn’t expect that I finally gave a wage.。
He dare not want to think,Every time I think of it,The blood pressure is rising,Pressure can’t compress。
It has been two days.,High pressure is still170、180,Take medicine can’t fall,It can be seen this time he is angry.。
He Xinsheng hurriedly found it,Looking at the Lewing Chair,Carefully report:
“General,Check out。”
Fang Baishun is still closed,Not talk,It’s like falling asleep.。
However, He Xinsheng clearly saw that his mouth is vaguely convulsive.,I really feel,He listens to it?,Not asleep,So continue:
“Hongxing’s money,It is said that Wang Zhi took him another industry.,Tian Sheng Network’s shares come in bank mortgage loans,A total of six billions,All were invested in Hongxing,The money is still the same.。”
“Tiansheng Network……”Fang Baishun opened his eyes,How much is the bottom of the king?,I know that he is such a company.,Just at the time, he was just starting.,His energy has always been placed on real estate,I am not very adequate to other industries.,Subsequent, no attention,I have never thought……
“Does he have money??One loan can be credited to six billions?”
He Xinsheng envyed and hate:“Who said is not?,A small company in a two-year company,The valuation is said to have passed billions.,This loan mortgage is not all shares,I heard that I only used it.8,Just put six billion loans down。
I don’t know what the bank is thinking.,talent8Shares,With any value, it is six billion.。”

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