Lying on his own den,The feathers on Xiao Qinglong’s body are undiminished,Like a divine stone that will regenerate itself。

Its body grows little by little,Feathers as short as leaves grow longer,A part of it is graceful and noble covering its back、neck,One part is soft and velvet,Silky floating between the wings and the tail……
Infancy,Zhu Minglang feels like a green eagle,Have some characteristics of many eagles,But the form it shows now,It is clearly a young phoenix,The name of Cangluan,In its brilliant and noble feathers,And the body shape full of streamlined beauty is perfectly reflected!
Cangluan Qingshenglong!!
Zhu Minglang watched the changes in Xiaoqingzhuo’s body,More joy in my heart。
It’s only the second stage of growth,It has shown a boldness not inferior to the adulthood of Shenmu Qingshenglong!
And it’s out of the attribute of Broken Dragon,Xiaoqingzhuo’s overall vitality is also very strong,Just like the eternal scorching sun above the blue sky,powerful、majesty、Unparalleled!
Not long,Xiao Qingzhuo has fallen asleep deeply,Its body is still undergoing some subtle changes,Only by slowly observing later will you know their extraordinary。
“The test three days later,It’s up to you。”I wish Minglang this will be a long sigh of relief。
Or the growth period,The situation is very embarrassing,It is absolutely impossible for Tianshalong to appear on this occasion,In its eyes, this test and confrontation,It’s no different from a group of summer insects fighting over a bush。
Seems to be awakened by the light of Xiaoqingzhuo’s transformation,The Heavenly Fiend Dragon King moved the starry sky wings,Screamed at Zhu Minglang,Said this dragon king wants to go out and move his muscles and bones。
Zhu Minglang opened the picture,Let the gods out。
“This is Nihai,Let’s just take a stroll。”Zhu Minglang leaped to the back of Tianshalong。
Tianshalong seems to see the ocean for the first time。

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