Chen Linzhi thought that Song Yueji was about to talk about drugs.,I didn’t expect her to see the middle-aged people in a certain Sitwent.,Take a black leather handbag from the other hand,Then divide。

Handbag in heavy,Song Yuezhuang opened his eyes,I saw a file bag,And a bundle of bundles。
She is shocked to the quantity of this money,If the package is money,Rough estimation may have three or 400,000 knives。
Heart giant earthquake,But did not express it on the face,I haven’t been familiar with what I can talk about.,So there is no sound,Even forget, please accompany the Chen Linzhi and Yin Rong to eat.,Just hastily go home.。
She is close to the number of doors,A total of 500,000 US dollars,Exercise a car purchase contract,There is also a real estate written in her name.,Apartments near San Francisco City Hall,On the third floor。
A total of more than 1,900 square feet,That is, one hundred and eighty square meters,Take the market price calculation amount far exceed this cash,Even renovated,And pay taxes。
Take date,Real estate license writing her name,Actually, I have already done it in August last year.。
Song Yuezi thought that the most is a car,How to do tens of thousands of dollars,See these now,For a time, the hand is helpless.,Abnormal panic,There is no more surprise that is not too much to make a fortune.,More time thinking about the grandfather for many years,How to get so much money。
The more you want。
Her door,Chen Linzhi has begun to pack things,Prepare to go to rent a house tomorrow。
Unlike a certain launch of the door to sneak a small rich woman in Yokoka,Chen Linzhi’s money on hand,Also pay money for emergency,Select space quite limited。
He intended to rent a clean small house in the Tang people.,It seems that I don’t think it’s bad.,Let’s live in a period of time,Consider moving。
Chen Linzhi is worried about how to earn more money,One-door room,Song Yuexiang just took the car contract and the property certificate,As for this big package cash,Not very good in the Tibetan cabinet,It is not very good under the bed.。
Tangle tangled,Ended by her with a kraft paper bag,Paved on a bed,Cover and mattresses。
Still don’t worry afterwards,Open the mattress again,Lack in kraft paper, many books magazines,Used to confuse audiovisual。
Busy all this,She is tired and panting。
Lying on the bed,Spirit is extremely excited,I want to make my own wish.,I really slept on the pile。
Song Yuezi does not dare to spend this money,http://www.027liyi.cnAt least before it is clear,She is not going to take out flowers.。
Just a known spider mush,Guess is because of this money,So I have only halfway to block myself and Chen Linzhi.。
Song Yuezhuang lying in bed,Look at,Stare at the ceiling,The full brain is all kinds of guess。
She is a weekday for people and good,Don’t like to provoke a girl。
The more you want to panic,I scared myself.,The little heart is taking an anapent plopping,I am afraid who is chasing the money.,Then a uncomfortable,If you have your hand。
This will get together,Song Yuexian stands before the mirror,Put a look,In fact, no matter how it is very hard.,Obviously unnatural。
Open a door,She went to the living room,Sitting at Chen Linzhi next to TV,Eyes stare at TV,Said in your mouth:
“I listen to you in it.,I want to rent a house tomorrow.?
If you don’t want to give up,How about renting my room?,Rates are very cheap,One hundred dollars per month。Anyway, my grandmother went to the nursing home.,Should no longer come back,Even if you come back, you can sleep my room.,I have been placed in an air。”
Heart is not safe,I want to find a relying on it.。
It has been blocked on the road earlier,Chen Linzhi let her take the scene,Miss Song is still impressed,Where is this man?。
Remaining road,Naturally, I remember the scene of being used by him.。
Song Yuexia is therefore worried again,I am afraid to share it for a long time.,Someone can’t rest,Beast。
I just think about Chen Linzhi,That is smooth,Refractively think。

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