Yuze leaned back in the chair,“Lady party alone,Died in the field。She was,What are you thinking?”Would you blame him for his only grandson??

Chapter seven hundred and fourteen Don’t know
Si Guangnian patted him,“I think,She just didn’t want you to know,That’s why I have been out of town,I didn’t come back till I died, right?.”
Yu Ze rubs his face,Looked up,“You say,Who will it be,For what reason,Poison Dang Hongyun,I have to put her to death?I didn’t even care that she was terminally ill。And another important issue,Dang Hongyun would rather drift away,Falsified medical records,Inflict,Die in a foreign land,Won’t come back.The reason behind this,Must be serious,Very heavy?”
“Is it really the secret treasure in that house??”
Yuze is now in a mess,All questions,“Yuzishan also chose the same way as Dang Hongyun,A foreign land,not coming back。they,What are you hiding from??And if it’s really avoiding big forces or something bad,Then why am I the Yu family,Can live in the imperial capital without incident,Yuzhi will be sent back too?”
“Is because of Euclidean?But my mother had already founded Daou,My uncle also got results,Although it can’t be compared with now,But since then I could be in the imperial capital,Why they can’t?Euclid can protect me,But can’t shelter them?”
Yu Ze this series of questions,Ou Zhaozhao and others couldn’t say a reasonable, well-founded and convincing answer。There are many kinds of guesses,But it’s just a guess。
“The only reason why they didn’t come back,They are insiders。And you are not。So you can stay in the imperial capital without incident,And they can’t。”Baby Ou answered,“Yuzhi is not an insider。Yuzishan chose to tell you,But it just tells you an address,Other things,You still don’t know。He didn’t want you to know。”
This is,Take care.
Dang Hongyun undoubtedly loves Yuze。Conceal the illness,Conceal one’s life experience,Still concealing the Yu family。This amazing woman,I really carry too much alone。
“In fact,Dead person,Not just Dang Hongyun and Yuzishan,Many people died in the Yu family。”Si Guangnian knocked on the armrest,“I suspect,This is vendetta。”

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