Ding nodded and said:“it is good,Let’s go find them in the greenhouse,I really like watching the vegetables in the greenhouse in winter。”

Shu Qing looked at her up and down,Said:“As long as you are okay。”
Ding Yi said:“I want to walk too,If I don’t go to the unit now,Reading and reviewing homework in the morning,If your head is tired, walk twice in the playground,Go straight until you sweat and go back。”
Shu Qingwen:“What homework do you review?”
“I am preparing for Teacher Lin’s PhD,She gave a lot of review materials,The exam will start in March next year。”
“what?”Shu Qing said in surprise:“You are now,it’s OK?”
“Row。”Ding Yi said firmly。
Shu Qing quickly calculated it with her fingers,Said:“What do you do?Next March,Your belly will be bigger,Almost born!”
“Ha ha,I did,Exam in early March,I can’t give birth at that time。”
Shu Qing said:“That doesn’t work either,you,Pretty big belly,Sitting in the examination room,The examination room has to prepare a seat for pregnant women,You alone occupy two positions,In case of fetal gas……”
Shu Qing didn’t finish,I covered my mouth,Don’t go on。
“Haha。”Ding Yi knew she was taboo of what she said just now,Just smiled and said:“It’s not easy to move your fetus at that time,Fetal gas is early pregnancy,As long as the little guy doesn’t toss me,I no longer vomit,There is no problem to complete the exam,I have confidence。”
First11chapter Gentleman agreement

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