“I’m afraid that when you report to the above,It will take a bit more。”

Swallow“gloat”Qin Liang。
“Pull it down!You and Yang Zhi took the apprentice,Of course the two of you report to it,Explanation,What’s my business!”
Qin Liang immediately shirk the responsibility!
“master!you……How are you doing?”
“I rely on!Boss!You are digging a hole for me and the swallow,What about the next set?”
Yanzi and Yang Zhi immediately began to protest at the same time!
“Both of you have accepted new apprentices,This is a great joy!Have a treat tonight。”
Qin Liang said what he said。
“master,you are vicious!”
Swallow gritted his teeth and looked at Qin Liang and said……
“I have a hasty,I’m not more cruel than you,Can i be your boss?Really。”
Qin Liang’s nonchalant answer。Talk about it,After returning to the hotel,Qin Liang contacted the base immediately,The results of this operation were reported to the base in detail,At the same time, he told the base Luna’s secret code,So that the base can verify Luna’s true identity。
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