ThisTMDon’t follow the routine?
NowhereBOSSHe started to use his summoning skills when he was almost full of blood?Another one is summonedBOSS。
Du Jueming suddenly looked at the bushes beside him,Murder in the eyes,“Waiting for you for a long time!”
The sword in the hand moves with others,One trick in the heavenly feather strange sword‘Haitian Line’,Flying like a streamer,Stab another person in the bush!
The man couldn’t dodge for a while,Stabbed upright!
Under the pain,Suddenly, the internal strength shocked the long sword in Du Caseming’s hand,A flying body came to this square where everyone was。
Everyone took a closer look,A strong man who was bigger than Yang Jiang stood there,Yang Jiang is a tall and mighty man,But this person who appeared suddenly,The height is less than 1.9 meters,And the eyes are burning,Bandaged hands,Not wearing any weapons,It’s not annoying at first sight。
Zhou Cang·Shanhaizhai second master
Qi and blood:33151/40000
Internal force:15000
Good at martial arts:Nanshan Palm Method

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