At this time cousin is still trying to teach the baby to call“Uncle”,And take the trouble of doing mouth movements,The baby’s attention has shifted from his sister to his uncle,He not only snatched Doudou’s favorite food,I’m still persevering and doing demonstrations over and over again,Seeing baby spit out fingers,Mouth is squirming,Will call out soon“Uncle”Up,Guan Hao closed his eyes nervously,Sour。

Gosh!Guan Hao suddenly released Xia Jihan’s hand,I couldn’t help leaning forward,He thought there was something wrong with his ears,Hurry up and pick up the camera,Both hands trembling and pressed the stop button,Rewind the tape again,Replay,Still the scene just now,I saw the baby smiling at his uncle,Open mouth,Clear out:“dad、dad”the sound of。He stopped again,Replay again,And turned up the volume。Yes,What the baby does is“father”the sound of,Speak accurately,very clearly,Milky,So good,It’s the sound of nature!Is the most beautiful voice in the world!
Until he played it back several times, it was certain,Guan Hao smiled with tears in his eyes,If Xia Jihan is not present,,It is estimated that he will say yes to the beauty of the screen。
He leaned on the sofa excitedly,Lightly patted her in my arms。Keep watching。
I think my cousin was“Blow”,He sat down on the ground,Said in frustration:“I’m not alive,baby——”There was the laughter of Big Sister and Doudou。
The baby obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of cousin,He saw his uncle sitting on the ground,I walked to my uncle,Still“father、father”Yelling。
The voice of the older sister:okay,You are content,Baby takes you as a father。
Li Wei stopped laughing,Took a look at eldest sister,Sister doesn’t talk anymore。Li Wei hugged the baby,Let the baby sit on the lap,Hold him tightly,Kissed the baby,Face on baby’s cheek,Said:“Good boy,I am uncle,Not father,Want to call uncle、uncle。Ugh,That guy has short ears,Heart is not in the mirror,Him,I can’t hear our baby calling him……”Can see,Uncle is a little sad。
Of course the baby can’t understand Uncle’s words,Put my little finger in my mouth again,Seeing uncle smiling。
Guan Hao clearly realized that the picture had begun to become unstable,Shake gently,He knew that the person who was filming must be upset at this time。He lowered his head involuntarily,Leaned in her ear and said:“Lili,thank you!”
She wiped away the tears he fell on her face,Patted his face backhand,Said naughty:“received。”
Guan Hao is very grateful to his cousin for his love for his wife and children。He recognized his cousin as his elder brother,My benefactor。This man,Made everything a father should do in the first place,And don’t expect anything in return,This is precious to Guan Hao。
Xia Jihan fainted again at the wedding,Adding weight to everyone in this family including Li Wei。

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