Although the rose is gone,But the peculiar scent from her remains in the house。

Ye Bing sniffed carefully,Then his face changed,Turning his head to rush Mo Xiaosheng and said,“rose?The rose has come?”
“Not bad!”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded,And then everything that happened last night,And everything Rose told herself told Ye Bing.。
She didn’t have much surprise about Rose’s assassination of Zhang Yousi,But when I heard Rose’s master used his life to refine mystery,And he lives in the country4AAfter the scenic spot,Ye Bing’s complexion suddenly changed,Stood up immediately,I need to make a call when I take out my phone。
Mo Xiaosheng quickly got up and stopped her,Eagerly:“what are you going to do?”
“doing what?Of course I called someone to go to Qianduguan to arrest him!”
Ye Bing said eagerly,To know,Qiandu Mountain is a very famous scenic spot in Beijing,And Qiandu View is very effective according to legend,There are countless people who go to pray for blessings every day,And this big demon is equivalent to a time buried in the crowd**what!
If he had a devilish life that day,Innocent,Then it will be an irreversible consequence!
“Don’t worry!”
Mo Xiaosheng quickly stopped her,Said in a deep voice to her,“Before we catch him,At least you have to try to stop him,Otherwise if he escapes,The consequences may be more serious!”
“Isn’t there you?”
Ye Bing looked at Mo Xiaobi and said of course,Confident,Seems to be in her heart,Mo Xiaosheng is omnipotent。

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