Lin Yun glanced at Qin Shi:“How did they go?”

Qin Shi paused,Smiled:“I do not know,I went to the toilet,They all left。”
This lie is too technical,Totally impossible,Even Xiao Wang looked at Qin Shi suspiciously。
“Ok,I dealt with them,Sent them away。”
“Are you sure you sent them away?”
Lin Yun asked。
Qin Shi suddenly understood,No wonder when I cleaned them up,Instinct always tells him that someone is next to him,Turns out this girl。
I can only confess。
Qin Shi smiled helplessly and said:“Ok,Not sent away,Was beaten away。”
“Hahaha,Brother, you’re really kidding。”
Qin Shi had no choice but to tell the truth,But these words are in Xiao Wang’s ears,It’s a complete joke。
It’s impossible, OK?!
Although Qin Shi’s figure is bigger and stronger than ordinary people,But it’s not like a monster。
More than one dozen,Originally nonsense,Not to mention,It’s just time to go to the toilet!
Qin Shi pouted,This is not bad,Tell the truth,They don’t believe it。

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