Although it has not yet been reviewed,But there is no doubt that the honor of Best Rookie is definitely Xu Xuan’s!

Even Wiggins can only watch with tears and grievances below。
Can’t compete!
Can’t really fight!
If they could fight it, Wiggins would have thrown Xu Xuan aside.
As a famous in the league“Xu Blow”,Barkley would naturally not give up the opportunity God gave him。
“I have said,Xu Xuan deserves any team to pour all on him!”
“Oh my god,He is so good!Single game61Minute,Single game10Three-pointer!Countless lore!Super far lore.”
“Before Xu Xuan appeared,No one thought that a rookie could do such a great thing!”
Barkley is so excited!
Barkley is now excited like a kid who can eat candy!
“I have reason to believe,In the first playoffs of his career, things we can’t even imagine will happen.!”

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