Finished,Lin Dong hung up。

The other party asked him to go to Dingyin when he had time,He loses interest。
Live broadcast or something,It’s just for more promotion and popularity,But as a popular singer,Dingyin platform live broadcast or something,Naturally not very suitable for its development。
Short videos can be used,Do some publicity。
As for deep cooperation,Dispensable。
He can’t rush to talk to Dingyin Company。
Lin Dong hung up,Tian Wen in the office building of Dingyin Company,But was stunned,Looking at the phone and thinking,Did he say something wrong??
042chapter:Kang Zi’s Dog Blood Story
“Yasuko,Why are you fighting Chen Yunming??”
Sit down on stage,Lin Dong asked,He was playing on the phone just now,News headlines are all about Qi Kang beating Chen Yunming。
After watching at the same time,He also knows the family background of Qi Kang and Chen Yunming,And Qi Kang’s long-standing notoriety。
Makes him start to worry,Do you want to sing with this guy。
Lin Dong asked,Qi Kang smiled awkwardly,Regarding what happened on the Internet today about his fight with Chen Yunming,He didn’t care too much。

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