If it’s not for the cooperation with Shen Zhiyue before,,I know that Shen Zhiyue is very good,The director has already scolded。

“Xiao Shen”The director held back his anger and asked:“Are you feeling uncomfortable today??”
Lu Shanshan wants to say nothing,But her belly is about to scream out。
“Sorry,I’m a little……”
“Sorry,director,Brother Yue is a little uncomfortable,Can you shoot something else first?”
Xiao Wu immediately rushed out to explain。
The director is not impatient,Anyway, many people come to the alley to chat,If the prince doesn’t make this film, you can still film others。
But the face of the opponent actor is ugly,If the director is not there,I guess I will scold Lu Shanshan。
Lu Shanshan took off her costume and returned to the hotel。
She was lying on the bed and looking towards the ceiling,Thinking about what I should do next。She regrets,I knew I would choose an urban drama。At least simple lines,She shouldn’t be brave。It’s just that everyone has joined the crew,Retreat at this time,Isn’t it troublesome to others??
Lu Shanshan took some gastrointestinal medicine and fell asleep under the quilt。
Dream,She played very badly,The director could not bear to scold her,The actor who played with her added salt and jealousy to the media,Called her a jerk。Shen Zhiyue’s reputation is bad,Manufacturers have stopped cooperating,In the end she could only leave the fish circle。
Lu Shanshan wet her eyes,Don’t be like this,She wants to act。
If you don’t exchange souls with Shen Zhiyue,,Lu Shanshan will never play a role like the prince。Most female characters on the market are very one-sided,If it wasn’t for the cute and pleasant,Or be glamorous,Then it’s cruel。Audiences and screenwriters disdain to portray female characters very three-dimensionally。In their view,The appearance of female characters is to add interest to the plot,Will not have a major impact on the plot。
And the public also thinks,The simpler the woman, the better。If a female character is too complicated,It will arouse the audience’s disgust。I think this woman is impure,Is the failure of the whole show。
And the male character is the opposite,More complicated,The more three-dimensional the better。When a male character has a more complicated background,The audience will find the plot more exciting。If the male character is as black and white as the female character,The audience will think this male character is too thin,Boring。

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