You can do it.?

What’s the meaning?
Four middle-aged faces。
But the next moment,They have changed colors together。 “Pretty!”
One of them drinks,Simultaneously rush。
However,Still late。
Speed,How can he have been so summer?。
Triad handcuffs,It is like a paper paste at this moment.,His arms are interlaced,Force a force,Kab is a thorough。
Two copper ring welded together,I was broken by life.。
The other three people also react instantly,Double foot is straight。
The strengths of their four have reached the sky,Under the four people, it can be said to be extremely fierce,It is a very common god-level master facing a raid,Only only the fragrance。
Unfortunately,What they face is a freak in the summer?。
Factory door,Jiang Feihong stood,There is still a strange smile on the cheeks.,It’s like a stupid person。
But his next move,It is even more strange。
Don’t panic, take out your phone from your pocket,Dial a number,“Boast,Planning,You inform A Leopard,Two women with two car belts returned to me,remember,Don’t alarm anyone,I have learned,Someone is ready to block halfway,Let them act as a bait……”
Just in his sentence,I have a very harsh bone sound in the field.。
I fly in the air,Uniform land,It’s already violent。
I saw the left and right hands in the summer.,I have the neck of the other two.,And his left leg at the same time on the third middle-aged neck。
This guy’s throat blunt,It’s like a human sack, and it’s general to fall on the ground.。
Short time,Two open-class masters were killed on the spot。
Jiang Feotong happens at the same time,Looking for a strange smile。
The other two were smashed by the summer,Breathing suffocation,Brain,They are struggling vigorously,But I can’t shake it.。
They are fearful,Another surprise and angry look at Jiang Fengtong。
No matter how you can’t figure it out,What the hell does this happen。
Summer face is,Cold light in both eyes,Similarly gaze Jiangfeihong。

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