“What are you doing stupidly,Naruto。”
“Sasuke,You too。”Naruto turned his head and looked,“It looks like,You also got a good thing from Grandpa。”
Naruto got the Six Ways of Immortality,Sasuke got the reincarnation eye。
“Six Ways of Immortality and Reincarnation Eye?,but,I have both of these things。”Uchiha Madara’s hands are tied in the air,After devouring the sacred tree,His other reincarnation eye has also been opened,Uchiha Madara looked at Naruto and Sasuke standing together below and said,“Next,It should be the last battle,Which side is stronger,Come to a showdown!”
“Sasuke,Go together!”
Uchiha Madara looks at Naruto and Sasuke who are attacking him from the left and right sides.,Reach out his left and right hands to block Naruto and Sasuke’s attacks,Then he held the fists of the two backhands and threw it out。
“I am no longer interested in playing with you anymore。”Uchiha Madara puts his hands together in the air,“Earth Booming Star!”
The stones keep flying up in the air to gather,Soon several stone balls floated in the air。
“Let everyone evacuate,This can only be given to Naruto and Sasuke!”
“Must prevent these stone balls from falling from the air!”
Sasuke’s voice falls,Summon Suzano to rush into the air。
“Tail beast jade spiral shuriken!”
Watching Naruto and Sasuke’s attention being attracted by the blasting star,Uchiha Madara can safely approach the moon。
“According to the records on the slate,When the owner of the power of reincarnation approaches the moon,Will automatically open the Moon Eye。”Uchiha Madara’s voice falls,A third eye appeared on his forehead,“Unlimited monthly reading!”
The moon in the sky suddenly shined brightly,Illuminates the entire Ninja world。
The ground starts to shake,Purple vines keep coming out of the soil,Look for those who are trapped in illusion to wrap up。

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